What is your favorite camera to use?

I like to take a little insight on what my reader's favorite camera and film to use in it.
Just leave a comment below and share with me your favorite digital, film, lens combo or film combo you like to use and I will be sure to check it out and see if I also like. This is a also good way to share to others on some good camera's the community uses.

My personal favorite is the LOMO  35mm Fisheye camera (wood look) paired with a expired Fuji superia 400 iso film.
This camera is a joy to shoot with. The pictures it takes are fully circular fisheye photos on 35mm film. It makes some great candid fisheye photos and it is portable enough so you can make some great snaps anywhere you go!

So what are your guy's favorites?


If you are in need of Polaroid 600, sx-70 and 100type film and sick of the just the regular type of film that you purchase, check out the IMPOSSIBLE project. It's a company that is manufacturing different types of 600, sx-70 and 100type Polaroid type films that is at a reasonable price. As many of you may know, Polaroid film is becoming very rare to find at retailers and can be very pricey ($20 for 10 pictures). At the IMPOSSIBLE project however buying in bulk will save you more money then buying bulk of standard film. The selection is great swell.

Some selections you can choose from are
 (All Pictures courtesy of IMPOSSIBLE)

  • Black and white with either a white or black frame  

  • Colortone

  • Soft Tone

  • Sepia

  • Chocolate 

 You can also pick up SX-70,600 and 100type Polaroid cameras at the shop as well as accessories and  more. The film makes for a great photo and keepsake. It is well worth the price point for some great shots! For more information/purchasing/viewing please check out http://www.the-impossible-project.com.


Growing up I always owned some type of 35mm camera, whether it be a disposable or a nice automatic self rewinding one. These camera hold near and dear to my heart because of the nostalgia factor but also the quality of the picture. The picture or "negative" that is produced when you snap a picture on film has this nice subtle noise and grainy texture to it that you really cannot get with digital photos. It reminds me of my childhood and old photography that brings back the nostalgia factor, that I cannot seem to just get over. Going to the photo center in a local photo processing place and waiting to see what your pictures are like always gave me a thrill. There was a sense of anticipation and surprise when you too picture on film. It was a gamble to see how good your pictures really did come out. It gave something to look forward to. This is one of the reasons I still use film also. The sense of not knowing what your picture looks like till a day or two later. I also feel like you pay closer attention to the cameras correct settings and what exposure, ISO, and focus you need to make a good picture, apposed to digital where you can just delete a picture of the camera and try again. The only real downside of film is that it can be VERY costly in the long run. Buying film is getting a little more expense because its becoming less and less used. Everyone is going to digital because it is more convenient and cheaper in the long run. I also feel more people get prints when they take pictures on film and have keepsakes of photos. Lot more people just keep pictures on their computer never to be printed. I think people need to take a look back and just remember the good times they had snapping photographs with film.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the film better or using a digital camera?


The classic LOMO LC-A+ is  now in a new color!

Originally produced in the standard Russian black; the classic LOMO LC-A is now being sold in a special/limited edition Japan white. This package includes a classic LC-A with a exclusive white case as well. The intricate pattern in the white leather encasing the camera is carved into a pattern resembling a Japanese stone garden. The pattern also forms into a "25" celebrating the 25th anniversary of the LOMO LC-A. The white camera is only being produced 1000 times so pick them up fast! The only downside of this camera would have to be the price at a staggering $399. This would be a great gift or purchase to show your support for the earthquake stricken Japan.

More information and purchasing click here:


Image courtesy of hypebeast

The new Demekin 110mm fish eye analog camera by superheadz is the world smallest fish eye camera measuring only 2 inches. Very pocket size, perfect for carrying around snapping some candid fish eye photos. The camera features a 1:13.5 wide angle lens and 1/100 shutter speed. A downside is that the camera takes 110mm film.110mm is hardly ever used anymore so processing for it would have to be sent to a specialty lab or done yourself if you have the knowledge to do so. Also the price point of 38 USD is a little on the pricey side considering the build quality and the size. However the camera produces some awesome blissed out photos!

Some photos taken with it:

Image courtesy of retrothing
Image courtesy of tornadosandtigers

You can purchase this camera from Urbanoutfitters.com


Sunrise of Spring

Panorama wide pic
Snaped this picture early this morning has the sun was rising over the still frozen lake by my house. The lake still frozen, but the temptaure rising. Hopefully this warm spring air moving in will finally melt all the snow that is  still settled in.

The camera I used was a panorama camera I picked up at a thrift store for 2 dollars. Thinking outside the box, I modded the camera by popping out the panorama filter in the back of the film holder. This created the nice vintaging that occurred at the corners. I love how the colors and noise correlate together to form a picture that looks like a painting.
The film used was Fuaji superia ISO800

Hope you enjoy the picture!


Recently there has been news circulating about a prototype of a Holga brand camrea that is digital, yes a digital lo-fi camera!
The Holga D picture courtesy of Saikatbiswas

If you are not famlier with Holga brand camreas let me clue you into what they actually are before I begin.
Holga is a camera company that manufactures "lomo" or toy cameras that take lo-fi or vintage style photographs on mainly 120mm or 35mm film. The brand has a strong cult following being one of the first brands of cameras to market the lomo camera.It is widely used
The Holga 120

Image Courtesy of SESSIONS

Back to the present with the holga D. This camera is just a prototype and NOT actually holgas model. It was designed by the Finnish company of  Saikat Biswas, so actual production does not seem a high possibility as of right now. However, there seems to be a fan uprising and following to the model that was put on the web. Because of this Holga has posted this on thier blog and it looks like they are taking interest in the idea of it. Lets cross our fingers and hope they actually do something with it!
Film is the current median for holga and it would be nice to see them go in this direction. We all know that buying and developing film is not all that cheap in this economy!  One quality I do love about film is not knowing what your pictures look like till you do develop them. it brings a sense of wonder and anticipation towards the photographs you have taken. This aspect has not been taken out of the Holga D though! It does not have a digital display to show pictures when you have taken them. I  absolutely love this idea! Also having them on a digital format brings the pictures faster to post-processing and sharing with others

Here are some specs on the model:
The Holga D picture courtesy of Saikatbiswas
  • A range of  50 to 3200 ISO
  • 1 to 2000 shutter speed
  • E-Ink Display (displaying number of frames left, battery life, Color/Blackwhie and Aspect Ratio
  • 4 different aperture settings
  • Mini Flash
  • Small and sleek
  • SD or SDHC Slot
  • Plastic lens for that official lomo look

This proof of concept looks VERY intriguing and I am hoping very much so that Holga actually picks up on this idea and makes it into a great line of cameras!
Thoughts, Comments?



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